Uninstalling VMA

NVIDIA Messaging Accelerator (VMA) Documentation Rev 9.8.40

If you are about to install a new NVIDIA® driver version, the old VMA version will be automatically uninstalled as part of this process (followed by a new VMA version installation). Please refer to Installing VMA Binary as Part of NVIDIA Drivers for installing NVIDIA® drivers command details.

If you are about to uninstall the NVIDIA® Driver, VMA will be automatically uninstalled as part of this process.

If you are about to manually uninstall VMA packages, please run the following:

  • For RPM packages:


    #rpm -e libvma-utils #rpm -e libvma-devel #rpm -e libvma

  • For DEB packages:


    #dpkg -r libvma-utils #dpkg -r libvma-dev #dpkg -r libvma

When you uninstall VMA, the libvma.conf configuration file is saved with the existing configuration. The path of the saved path is displayed immediately after the uninstallation is complete.

VMA under RHEL 7.x is built from sources and is not installed as package. Therefore if VMA is not needed, delete the compiled libvma.so (or the entire libvma sources) and the configuration file (e.g. /etc/libvma.conf).

Note: Uninstalling RoCE drivers’ package using “yum remove” will neither delete the compiled VMA library nor the configuration file.

To uninstall VMA, run:


rpm –e libvma

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