NVIDIA Messaging Accelerator (VMA) Documentation Rev 9.8.60
NVIDIA Messaging Accelerator (VMA) Documentation Rev 9.8.60

Changes and New Features





VMA Installation

New (Beta) method for VMA installation - S ee Installing VMA as DOCA Profile

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Version section.

  • As of VMA v9.0.2, VMA will no longer be backward compatible with MLNX_OFED versions earlier than v5.0-

  • Multi Packet Receive Queue beta functionality is removed as of VMA v9.3.1

  • RDMA experimental verbs library (mlnx_lib)

  • VMA v9.3.1 and up do not enforce the disable_raw_qp_enforcement option; use the CAP_NET_RAW option instead

  • IPoIB is no longer supported with MLNX_OFED v5.1 and above

Important Notes


We recommend using libnl3 as it is the latest version and includes fixes related to libnl1


Bonding Active-Backup (mode 1) is supported with limitations shown in .Known Issues v9.4.0 section.

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