Changes and New Features

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5



vSan over RDMA

Added support for vSan over RDMA.

For further information, see

ENS model 0 RSS

Added support for Receive Side Scaling (RSS) for ENS model 0.

ENS model 1 level 1

[Connectx-5 onwards] Added support for ENS FPO Model 1 with Rx path flow lookup offloaded.

ENS model 1 level 2

[Connectx-5 onwards] Added support for ENS FPO Model 1 with Tx path partial action execution offloaded.

ENS model 2A

[Connectx-5 onwards] Added support for ENS FPO Model 2 with SR-IOV as passthrough technology.

Link Speed

Added support for 200GbE link speed.

Adapter Cards

Added support for ConnectX-6 Lx devices.

RDMA 10K QP support

Scaled support for up to 10K connections over RDMA networks.

Hardware DCBX

Added support for Data Center Bridging Capability Exchange (DCBX) protocol with hardware offload.

SR-IOV InfiniBand

SR-IOV InfiniBand is at GA level.

supported_num_ports module parameter

Updated the supported_num_ports default value to 1 to lower memory constraints.

Note: The user must set a value corresponding to the amount of ports installed in the system.


Added sriov_mc_isolation module parameter to isolate multicast traffic to SR-IOV interfaces. Default value is OFF.


Added ens_fallback_model to set the default fallback mode when the option to query ENS model from the OS is no supported. Default to Model 1.

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