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ESXi 7.0.U3: NVIDIA NATIVE Driver for VMware vSphere Release Notes v4.22.73.1006

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Description: Performance issues are observed due to context switches over the hardware priority buffers that caused slower packet being send when sending traffic with many different VLAN (CoS PCP/801.2p) priorities.

To fix the issue, the driver provides a new module parameter trust_dscp_same_priority to map all DSCP priorities to the same traffic class to avoid such behavior.

Keywords: DSCP

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Description: Fixed a a specific steering rule creation when the teaming mode is on.

Keywords: Steering rule

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3178327 / 3171236

Description: Fixed an issue that caused packets to be dropped by ENS that were not set as MARK. Now MARK actions are available in both LAG and no LAG modes.

Keywords: LAG, MARK actions

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