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NVIDIA ConnectX-4 onwards NICs NATIVE ESXi Driver for VMware vSphere Release Notes v4.16.71.1

The table below lists the bugs fixed in this release.

Internal Ref.



Description: The "esxcli network sriovnic vf stats" command is not supported.

When running this command on a vmknic, a failure message is displayed.

Keywords: esxcli SR-IOV

Discovered in Version:

Fixed in Release:


Description: Fixed an issue that prevented ESXi from being discovered via the CDP protocol on ConnectX-4 Lx adapter cards.

Keywords: CDP protocol, ConnectX-4 Lx

Discovered in Release:

Fixed in Release:


Description: Disabled multicast loopback to avoid a scenario that prevented MAC learning in some configurations.

Keywords: MAC, multicast loopback

Discovered in Release:

Fixed in Release:


Description: NetQ RSS for encapsulated traffic is currently not supported.

Encapsulated traffic (VXLAN/Geneve) directed to NetQ RSS queue will not be distributed through all queues’ channels, thus will not utilize the RSS feature.

Note: It is highly recommended to avoid requesting RSS for encapsulated interfaces, i.e. refrain from defining the following in the VM configuration file:


Keywords: NetQ RSS, encapsulated traffic

Discovered in Release:

Fixed in Release:


Description: Traffic loss of large packets might occur after MTU change.

Keywords: MTU, Traffic loss

Discovered in Release:

Fixed in Release:


Description: Fixed an issue which caused the adapter card to get stuck in Down state after setting the ring size to 8192.

Keywords: Ring size

Discovered in Release:

Fixed in Release:

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