Bug Fixes

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

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Description: Fixed an issue that resulted in VF corruption when multiple VFs were revoked concurrently from the PF.

Keywords: VF


Description: Fixed an issue that resulted in driver initialization failure when a VF got a timeout on query startup pages. The timeout of this action was changed from 2.5 to 5 seconds.

Keywords: VF


Description: Fixed an issue that caused VF’s DHCP Redirections capability not to function properly on ConnectX-4/ConnectX-4 Lx adapter cards.

Keywords: VF’s DHCP Redirections


Description: Added protection to enable/disable multiple network adapters simultaneously.

Keywords: [mlx5] CDriver


Description: Fixed an issue that caused GRE (encapsulated) packets destined to PF to be steered to the default vPort instead of the PF's vPort.

Keywords: vPort, encapsulated packets, PF


Description: NDK now reports to Event Log on every lossy QP created. The rate of the reports is defined in the RoCEOnLossyPrioEvtRate Registry parameter.

Keywords: NDK, LQR, Lossy QP Reporting


Description: Fixed an issue that caused the system to crash due in insufficient memory when using NdisQueryMdl.

Keywords: NDIS


Description: Fixed a potential performance degradation when both transmit and receive processing occurred on same core when running bidirectional traffic.

Keywords: RFC2544


Description: Fixed the following inaccurate event log message that appeared when the NIC was installed on an old GEN PCIe slot: Event ID 0x191 PCIe width/speed doesn't match expected value.

Keywords: Even log


Description: Fixed a crash that occurred due to a race between the SM disconnect action and a multicast join/leave handling action.

Keywords: IPoIB, Multicast,race, crash


Description: Added support for SFP Module info reports.

Keywords: Module info reports


Description: Fixed an issue that caused a stuck EQ that used the cmd interface to generate an EQ stuck event to the event log.

Keywords: cmd, EQ


Description: Modified the driver's behavior to restore to default values when invalid values are configured dynamically.

Keywords: DMN


Description: Updated the minimum MTU size to 600 for IPoIB.

Keywords: MTU, IPoIB


Description: Fixed an issue that limited the number of VMs to 124 VMs when working in VMQ mode.

Keywords: Virtualization


Description: Due to memory allocation issue, an issue with the MST dump might occur.

Keywords: MST dump memory allocation


Description: Running NonRss Sniffer with Packet Direct while toggling the RSS On/Off can cause a BSOD during the adapter disabling.

Keywords: RSS


Description: IP-in-IP Checksum offload is not functional when working with VLANs.

Keywords: IP-in-IP Checksum offload, VLAN

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