Changes and New Features

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5



Adapter Cards

Added support for NVIDIA® BlueField-2 SmartNIC adapter card.

For further information see NVIDIA BlueField SmartNIC Mode.

Additional MAC Addresses in RSS (Native Mode)

This feature allows the user to configure additional MAC addresses for the network adapter without setting the adapter to promiscuous mode. Registering MAC addresses for a network
adapter will allow the adapter to accept packets with the registered MAC address.

For further information see Additional MAC Addresses for the Network Adapter.


Removed "Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Internal Traffic Counters" from Virtual Functions.

Note: Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Internal Traffic Counters are relevant for Physical Functions ONLY.

DMN Offline Debug Improvements (Debuggability)

Improved the driver's debug information by the following means: Dump-Me-Now collected information, driver traces and mlx5cmd commands.

Driver Events

The following event logs severity status was changed from "Error" to "Warning" as they are not fatal errors:








DSCP Based QoS

DSCP Based QoS enables the user to map DSCP to certain priority.

For further information see DSCP Based QoS.

Dump Me Now

Added a new registry key "DumpMeNowDumpMask" to control the DMN dumps.

For further information see Dump Me Now (DMN) Registry Keys.

Limiting the Event Log from Flooding the Event Viewer

This new capability prevents the event log from flooding the event viewer in case of an unrecoverable error. This will limit printing similar events up to a defined amount in a defined time range.

The users can enable/disable it per their needs. In addition, users can also configure the time range and threshold events count.

PCIe Transfer Speed

Added PCIe transfer speed units for event MLX_PCIE_LINK.

For further information, see event 0x0191 in Reported Driver Events.

Registry Keys

Added new registry keys to control moving to DPC mode once the maximum RX/TX packet processing limit is reached.

For further information, see Performance Registry Keys.


Added ATS support on Virtual Functions.

Windows Mode Sleep/Hibernation Detection

Added support for device removal while the system is in sleep/hibernation mode.

The following offload features are not advertised in the Inbox Driver and therefore are disabled. To enable these offloads, add the registry keys or install the latest WinOF-2 GA version.






EncapsulatedPacketTaskOffloadNvgre, EncapsulatedPacketTaskOffload

RSSv2 (Dynamic VMMQ)


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