Bug Fixes

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

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Description: Decreased the maximum value of RemoteCMResponseTimeout to 25 to prevent unexpected machine stucks.

Keywords: CM, Communication Manager, ND, NS, connection


Description: Updated a wrong value description received when dumping the interface VlanID. The new output is VlanID instead of VlanId.

Keywords: VlanID


Description: Fixed an issue that caused memory leak due to a race between the driver dis- abling and new RDMA connection creation.

Keywords: Memory leak, ND, NDK


Description: Updating the non-default vPort's VM network interface RSS parameter during heavy traffic in vRSS mode could cause the host and non-default vPorts network interfaces to reset, and a momentary disruption in network connectivity.

Keywords: RSS parameters, vRSS, vPorts


Description: Fixed an issue when using ConnectX-4 Lx adapter cards that caused packets to drop when the send packet is requested with a VLAN tag placed directly in the packet instead of putting in it in the OOB data.

Keywords: VLAN tag, Send packets, ConnectX-4 Lx


Description: Fixed an issue that caused the driver to fail initialize when adding Wake-on-Lan support dynamically.

Keywords: ISCSI boot, PXE Boot, Ethernet


Description: Fixed an issue that caused the system to ignore the DeviceRxStallWatermark config- uration.

Keywords: DeviceRxStallWatermark


Description: Fixed an issue that caused a miniport reset false alarm due to a command execution starvation.

Keywords: Miniport reset, command starvation


Description: Fixed an issue that caused the device to report more than the supported number of schedule queue.

Keywords: Virtualization


Description: Setting the *TransmitBuffers parameter to a value that is not a power of 2 causes a BSOD while sending packets.

Keywords: BSOD, *TransmitBuffers


Description: Fixed a false alarm that indicated that a send queue was stuck and as a result a mini- port reset was performed.

Keywords: False alarm, send queue, miniport reset


Description: Fixed a rare case that caused a BSOD when switched from a single RQ to RSS.

Keywords: BSOD, RQ, RSS


Description: Fixed an issue that caused the firmware to get stuck during VM migration in SR-IOV mode or upon PF driver restart.

Keywords: VM, SR-IOV, PF driver restart


Description: Fixed an issue that caused packets to drop on the Windows host when running a Win- dows host with a Linux host in IPoIB mode, and both of them were configured with the same MTU.

Keywords: Windows host, Linux host, IPoIB, traffic drop, MTU


Description: Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when the PF miniport driver did not wait for all previously indicated receive packets to return to the miniport from the VPort.

Keywords: Virtualization, VmNic


Description: Removed an incorrect event log message in VMQ NIC switch mode.

Keywords: Keywords: Event log


Description: Fixed an high stress issue that caused uncontrolled memory consumption, sporadic miniport device resets and missing send completions that could result in TX Q stuck events.

Keywords: Keywords: High stress, memory consumption, miniport device resets, send comple- tions


Description: Moved SR-IOV VF's live migration from Beta level to full support of all flows.

Keywords: SR-IOV


Description: Updated the Cnp_dscp changeable values to 0-63, as supported by the firmware.

Keywords: Cnp_dscp, changeable values

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