Bug Fixes

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

The following table provides a list of bugs fixed in WinOF-2 inbox driver

Internal Ref.



Description: Fixed the value of configured MTU showed in event log 53.

Keywords: MTU


Description: Numbered the DMN folder, to allow the driver to see 2 or more events from the same source at the same second. As the DMN folder name consists of: hour-min-sec, it prevented the driver for seeing all the errors that were created at the same second under the DMN folder.

Keywords: DMN


Description: Fixed an issue that caused memory corruption in case the OS provided continues memory across multiple pages that did not start with offset zero on aligned memory address.

Keywords: ND


Description: Fixed a memory leak issue in error flow during driver initialization.

Keywords: Memory leak


Description: Fixed an issue caused the driver to report zero link speeds supported when working with firmware older than 1x.18.0240.

Keywords: Link speed


Description: Fixed an issue in DMN, that occasionally caused a system crash when driver startup failed, due to double free.

Keywords: DMN


Description: Improved stuck transmit queue detection. Now it does not report stuck queues in case there is a TX DPC queued.

Keywords: Resiliency

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