Changes and New Features

NVIDIA WinOF-2 Documentation v24.1.50000



Rev 24.1.50000 (DRV 24.1.26317)


As of v24.1, all WinOF-2 drivers are installed with PnpLockdown set to 1. When PnpLockDown directive is set to 1, PnP prevents applications from directly modifying the driver files in System folders.

For additional information see

Relaxed Ordering through Mkey

Added the registry key RdmaRelaxedOrderingWrite to enable Relaxed Ordering on the RDMA flows.

For further information see RDMA Registry Keys.

Firmware Pages Limiter

Added support for firmware pages limiter method by enabling the EnableFwVfPageLimit registry key. The firmware limitation is recommended when the software limitation is not supported.

For further information see SR-IOV Options & Reported Driver Events.

Network DirectRoCE FrameSize

Added support for the *NetworkDirectRoCEFrameSize registry key used to configure the maximum size of a RoCE frame (MTU). This key replaces the RoceFrameSize key used until now.

For further information see Ethernet Registry Keys.

RoCE, RTT, Congestion Control

Added the ability to configure the DSCP value of RTT response packets when using Zero Touch RoCE RTT Congestion Control algorithm.

This capability is configured using the new registry key RttResponseDscp.

For further information see RoCE CC RTT Response DSCP.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.

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