NVIDIA WinOF-2 Documentation v24.4
NVIDIA WinOF-2 Documentation v24.4

Changes and New Features



Rev 24.4.50000 (DRV 24.4.26429)

PF BDF Mapping

Added a new event log to show the adapter name to the BDF mapping periodically. The period is configured by the registry key "LogPeriodicGenericInfo".

Note: The new event log is printed only on the PF.

IB VF Port Traffic Counters

Enabled monitoring of VF Port Traffic Counters on the PF for InfiniBand.

NDIS, NdisPoll

Added support for the new standardized keyword *NdisPoll used to enable\disable NDIS poll mode.

Note: This key will be supported from Windows Server 2025.

For further information see NDIS Poll Mode section.

Operating Systems

Added support for Windows Server 2025 and Windows Client 11 24H2.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.

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