Changes and New Features

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5



Rev 2.80.50000 (DRV 2.80.25134)

Operating Systems

Removed support for Windows Server 2012.

DOCA Communication Channel API

[Alpha Level] Added support for DOCA communication channel API in NVIDIA BlueField-2 SmartNIC adapter cards.

DOCA Communication Channel API allows developers to write client applications running on Windows native hosts or Windows Virtual Machines to exchange messages with service applications running on BlueField-2 DPU.

For further information see DOCA Communication Channel API.

GPU Memory Registration

Added support for large GPU memory registration through ibv_reg_mr() and ibv_reg_mr_iova2().

DPU Time Service

Added support for "PTP like" for BlueField-2 devices when using the REAL_TIME timestamping ability.

For further information, see DevX Utility.

Hardware QoS Offload

Added Hardware QoS Offload support to allow egress bandwidth management entirely in the hardware.

For further information, see section "Hardware QoS Offload" in the User Manual.

Reduced RoCE Latency for SMBDirect using Two Queues: One for FRWR and the other for Send

Added a new configuration value ('NdkFmrDedicatedQp') to control whether or not a separated QP is used for NDK fast-register operations.

The dedicated QP will improve latency on systems that phase latency issues.

Warning: The feature is useful only for SMBDirect and can be harmful for other applications using NDK.

Note: This capability is supported in ConnectX-4 and ConnectX-4-Lx adapter cards when in Ethernet (RoCE) mode. Note: This value is OFF by default.

For further information, see Configuring the Driver Registry Keys.

Asymmetric Number of VFs per PF

This new capability allows the user to set an asymmetric Number of VFs per PF using IOCTL. When using IOCTL to open a second PF on the same port, the new PF will be opened with '0' VFs. The number of VFs can be modified by using the mlxconfig tool, as long as the total number of VFs (on all PFs together) will not exceed the maximum number of VFs allowed.

GPUDirect for Windows

GPUDirect support in Windows is now at GA level.

For further information, see GPUDirect.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes


For information on previous releases changes and new features, refer to section Release Notes Change Log History.

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