Virtualization Related Troubleshooting

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5




When enabling the VMQ, in case NVGRE offload is enabled, and a teaming of two virtual ports is performed, no ping is detected between the VMs and/or ping is detected but no establishing of TCP connection is possible.

Might be missing critical Microsoft updates.

Please refer to: “August 2014 update rollup for Windows server RT 8.1, Windows server 8.1, and Windows server 2012 R2” – specifically, fixes.

When running the system from an SR-IOV, The operation of several hardware resources might fail.

Low resources for VF

  1. Run the mlxconfig tool, according to the instructions in the "MFT User Manual” that is available on ->Products -> InfiniBand/VPI Drivers -> Firmware Tools".

  2. Extract the device name from “mst status”, select the appropriate size (> 0, 2,4,8), and run the following command:
    mlxconfig -[device name] set VF_LOG_BAR_SIZE=size

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