Changes and New Features






Socket options

Added SO_XLIO_ISOLATE socket option. See section 7.10


As of XLIO v3.10, DEBUG-level logs will not be available in the release builds. Alternatively, you can use to obtain those logs. For details on how to use, please refer to section.


libnl1 is no longer supported. Please use libnl3 instead.


Bonding Active-Backup is not supported.
RoCE LAG is a feature meant for mimicking Ethernet bonding for IB devices and is available for dual-port cards only. XLIO cannot offload traffic in cases where RoCE LAG is enabled too. In RoCE LAG mode, instead of having an IB device per physical port (for example, mlx5_0 and mlx5_1), only one IB device is present for both ports.


Direct Packet Control Plane (DPCP) provides a unified, flexible interface for programming NVIDIA NICs and comes as part of OFED. The DPCP version must be v1.1.44 and above. For further details, please see Direct Packet Control Plane (DPCP).


TLS Rx offload related notes:

  • TLS Rx offload supports up to 64K concurrent connections

  • TLS Rx offload for IPv6 is not supported as it may cause unexpected behavior

  • TLS Rx offload requires OpenSSL 3.0.2 or higher and kTLS support from the kernel

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