NLib Introduction

NLib has its origins in code developed by Wayne Tiller and Les Piegel, based on their reference work “The Nurbs Book”. NLib has an established reputation, and a long maintenance history so that it is a thoroughly tested product. The exclusive rights for maintenance, distribution and development were acquired by Solid Modeling Solutions.

SMS has updated and improved NLib over the years, without losing the logic or the rigor of the original NLib. Consequently NLib is much more user friendly. NLib is a NURBS curve and surface library delivered as “C” functions that can be linked and referenced by your application. NLib does not have topological structures and does not perform intersections. NLib remains the foundation upon which SMLib is built.

NLib Installation

NLib is distributed as source code within SMLib. For the purposes of this manual we will use Windows instructions as an example. After installing SMLib, please refer to our documentation available for download from our FTP site. In addition, we provide examples and release notes on our web site at If any questions remain, please contact

Upon receiving the download instructions, unzip the distributed zip file with the given password into a folder called SMLib.

Last updated on Apr 29, 2024.