User Guide (23.12.2)
  • Checkout the code repository

    git clone
    cd spark-rapids-tools/user_tools
  • Optional: Run the project in a virtual environment

    python -m venv .venv
    source .venv/bin/activate
  • Build wheel file using one of the following modes:

    Fat mode

    Similar to fat jar in Java, this mode solves the problem when web access is not available to download resources having Url-paths (http/https). The command builds the tools jar file and downloads the necessary dependencies and packages them with the source code into a single wheel file. You may consider this mode if the development environment has no access to download dependencies (i.e., Spark jars) during runtime.

    ./ fat
    Default mode

    This mode builds a wheel package without any jar dependencies

  • Finally, install the package using the wheel file

    pip install <wheel-file>
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