With every release of Triton Management Service a zip-compressed archive of the gRPC IDL files is provided. These packages can be downloaded from NVIDIA’s NGC Catalog.

It is important to use the version of the TMS gRPC API that matches the version of the TMS Server being communicated with. NVIDIA provides no guarantee of forward/backward compatibility for the programmatic interfaces of beta software. The TMS interface is still in development and expected to fluctuate.

  1. Download the gRPC API Package, either using the web interface (provided above) or using the NGC CLI with the following command ngc registry resource download-version "nvaie/triton-management-service_grpc-api-bundle:1.4.0". Notice that the desired version is the last component of the command, and can be adjusted to match the version of TMS as necessary.

  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded package.



    $ unzip ./ Archive: ./ inflating: files/ $ unzip Archive: inflating: bespoke-triton.proto inflating: pooled-triton.proto inflating: lease-state.proto inflating: triton-allowlist-service.proto inflating: model.proto inflating: model-state.proto inflating: triton-pool-service.proto inflating: triton.proto inflating: lease-service.proto inflating: lease-name-service.proto inflating: common.proto inflating: lease-duration.proto inflating: error-code.proto inflating: lease-event.proto inflating: triton-state.proto

    Windows Extracting the IDL on Windows will require a tool like 7-Zip which can handle compressed TAR files.


    > 7z x .\ 7-Zip 23.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2023 Igor Pavlov : 2023-06-20 Scanning the drive for archives: 1 file, 18579 bytes (19 KiB) Extracting archive: .\ -- Path = .\ Type = zip Physical Size = 18579 Everything is Ok Size: 19324 Compressed: 18579 > 7z x ./ 7-Zip 23.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2023 Igor Pavlov : 2023-06-20 Scanning the drive for archives: 1 file, 19324 bytes (19 KiB) Extracting archive: -- Path = Type = zip Physical Size = 19324 Everything is Ok Files: 15 Size: 65633 Compressed: 19324

    Once extracted you should have the following list of files:


    bespoke-triton.proto lease-duration.proto lease-service.proto model.proto triton-pool-service.proto common.proto lease-event.proto lease-state.proto pooled-triton.proto triton-state.proto error-code.proto lease-name-service.proto model-state.proto triton-allowlist-service.proto triton.proto

  3. Use the protoc compiler to generate language specific code files from the provided IDL (*.proto) files. The necessary compiler and tools can be downloaded from the Protocol Buffers Release Page on GitHub. The latest, release version is v23.4. Download the version of the tools that best suite your platform.

    Once all tools are downloaded, use them to generate code in your language of choice. Use Protocol Buffers Getting Started as a guide as needed.

    Example for JavaScript code generation:


    $ protoc --proto_path=proto --js_out=library=tms_model_state,binary:js_autogen proto/model-state.proto

    Will create a JavaScript file named tms_model_state.js from proto/model-state.proto, and output the results to a folder named js_autogen (must exist before running protoc). Notice that the above assumes the *.proto file are contained in a folder named proto which is a child of the current working folder.

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