Getting Started

Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air (ARC-OTA) v1.2

ARC-OTA Software Release Manifest

Component Version
Aerial SDK (ASDK) PHY 23-4
OAI gNB OAI_Aerial_v2.2.2
OAI CN OAI_Aerial_v2.2.2

Installation Guide describes the HW Bill of Materials(BOM), network component configuration, and software required to install ARC-OTA.

Product Brief can help you learn more about the current release capabilities of the ARC-OTA.

Release Notes outlines the software APIs and functionality as well as any limitations of the current release.

Licensing for licensing information regarding the ARC-OTA.

Suport for getting help with the ARC-OTA.

New content will continually be updated and posted in the remaining sections:

  • Tutorials includes video walkthroughs to ease developer on-boarding.

  • Extensions for ARC-OTA developer extensions.

  • On-Boarding Help includes references to reading material, GPU onboarding and a teaching course for CUDA-C.

  • Early Adopters for projects onboarded on the platform.

  • Publications for noteworthy publications.

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