Early Adopters


We love to see how the Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air is being used by developers, researchers, and the industry. Please send an email to aria@nvidia.com with your project description and links to the project and code repository (e.g., GitHub).

  1. Open Air Alliance (https://openairinterface.org/)

    Open ecosystem for creating and deploying advanced 5G networks, while enabling 6G research–software-defined, disaggregated radio access networks. Working with the OAI, the Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air will significantly reduce time to innovation and create new efficiencies arcoss next-generation network deveopment: Demonstration of NVIDIA Aerial SDK and OAI 5G vRAN and CN

    NVIDIA ARC and OAI Demo Blog

  2. NorthEastern University (https://wiot.northeastern.edu/)



    NorthEastern University blog post

  1. Rice University (https://wireless.rice.edu/)



    Rice blog post

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