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Aerial Research Cloud Version A1.1

We love to see how the Aerial Research Cloud is being used by developers, researchers, and the industry. Send an email to arc@nvidia.com with your project description and links to the project and code repository (for example, GitHub).

Integrated Information Processing Group

Real-world implementations are vital for research on future wireless communication systems. By adopting the NVIDIA Aerial Research Cloud platform, the Integrated Information Processing group at ETH Zurich is developing and evaluating novel baseband processing algorithms. Real-world over-the-air experiments with this full-stack 5G system reveal the practical benefits of machine learning (ML)-assisted physical layer processing and the efficacy of channel-state-information-based positioning techniques that utilize ML.

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Open ecosystem for creating and deploying advanced 5G networks, while enabling 6G research–software-defined, disaggregated radio access networks. Working with the OAI, the Aerial Research Cloud will significantly reduce time to innovation and create new efficiencies arcoss next-generation network deveopment: Demonstration of NVIDIA Aerial SDK and OAI 5G vRAN and CN

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