Installing the DGX Software Stack

Base OS - DGX OS 5

NVIDIA DGX systems are shipped preinstalled with DGX OS, a customized installation of Ubuntu with additional software from NVIDIA to provide a turnkey solution for running AI and analytics workloads. This offers users a fast on-boarding experience for using DGX systems and keeping them updated with the latest software versions.

The additional software, the NVIDIA DGX Software Stack, provides platform-specific configurations, diagnostic and monitoring tools, and drivers that are required for a stable, tested, and supported OS to run AI, machine learning, and analytics applications on DGX systems.

You also have the option to manually install Ubuntu and the DGX Software Stack. The DGX Software Stack for Ubuntu - Installation Guide document explains the steps for installing and configuring Ubuntu and the NVIDIA DGX Software Stack on DGX systems. It also provides instructions and examples for an automated installation process. The intended audience are IT professionals managing a cluster of DGX systems and integration partners.

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