Software Overview

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v4.0.0

Parabricks is a software suite for genomic analysis. It delivers major improvements in throughput time for common analytical tasks in genomics, including germline and somatic analysis. The core of the Parabricks software is its data pipeline, which takes raw data and transforms it according to the user's requirements.

NVIDIA Parabricks Pipelines have been tested on Dell, HPE, IBM, and NVIDIA servers at Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Microsoft Azure.

Parabricks supports the tools shown below:


A Clara Parabricks pipeline is a collection of several individual tools that are frequently run together, grouped as a single command for the user's convenience. For example, the deepvariant_germline pipeline takes FASTA and FASTQ files as input and produces a VCF and BAM file as output. Internally, it runs BWA mem alignment, performs coordinate sorting, marks duplicates, and then runs DeepVariant.

Parabricks supports the pipelines shown below:


The Software Tools page covers individual tools, and the Pipeline Tools page discusses how to run commonly used pipelines. The Compatible CPU Software Versions page lists the open-source CPU tools Clara Parabricks is compatible with.

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