6.12. CUDA_MEMCPY2D Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

2D memory copy parameters

Public Variables

size_t  Height
size_t  WidthInBytes
CUarray dstArray
CUdeviceptr dstDevice
void * dstHost
CUmemorytype dstMemoryType
size_t  dstPitch
size_t  dstXInBytes
size_t  dstY
CUarray srcArray
CUdeviceptr srcDevice
const void * srcHost
CUmemorytype srcMemoryType
size_t  srcPitch
size_t  srcXInBytes
size_t  srcY


size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::Height [inherited]

Height of 2D memory copy

size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::WidthInBytes [inherited]

Width of 2D memory copy in bytes

CUarrayCUDA_MEMCPY2D::dstArray [inherited]

Destination array reference

CUdeviceptrCUDA_MEMCPY2D::dstDevice [inherited]

Destination device pointer

void * CUDA_MEMCPY2D::dstHost [inherited]

Destination host pointer

CUmemorytypeCUDA_MEMCPY2D::dstMemoryType [inherited]

Destination memory type (host, device, array)

size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::dstPitch [inherited]

Destination pitch (ignored when dst is array)

size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::dstXInBytes [inherited]

Destination X in bytes

size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::dstY [inherited]

Destination Y

CUarrayCUDA_MEMCPY2D::srcArray [inherited]

Source array reference

CUdeviceptrCUDA_MEMCPY2D::srcDevice [inherited]

Source device pointer

const void * CUDA_MEMCPY2D::srcHost [inherited]

Source host pointer

CUmemorytypeCUDA_MEMCPY2D::srcMemoryType [inherited]

Source memory type (host, device, array)

size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::srcPitch [inherited]

Source pitch (ignored when src is array)

size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::srcXInBytes [inherited]

Source X in bytes

size_t CUDA_MEMCPY2D::srcY [inherited]

Source Y