6.25. CUmemAllocationProp Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

Specifies the allocation properties for a allocation.

Public Variables

struct CUmemLocation location
CUmemAllocationHandleType requestedHandleTypes
unsigned long long  reserved
CUmemAllocationType type
void * win32HandleMetaData


struct CUmemLocationCUmemAllocationProp::location [inherited]

Location of allocation

CUmemAllocationHandleTypeCUmemAllocationProp::requestedHandleTypes [inherited]
unsigned long long CUmemAllocationProp::reserved [inherited]

Reserved for future use, must be zero

CUmemAllocationTypeCUmemAllocationProp::type [inherited]

Allocation type

void * CUmemAllocationProp::win32HandleMetaData [inherited]

Windows-specific LPSECURITYATTRIBUTES required when CU_MEM_HANDLE_TYPE_WIN32 is specified. This security attribute defines the scope of which exported allocations may be tranferred to other processes. In all other cases, this field is required to be zero.