6.21. CUeglFrame Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

CUDA EGLFrame structure Descriptor - structure defining one frame of EGL.

Each frame may contain one or more planes depending on whether the surface * is Multiplanar or not.

Public Variables

CUarray_format cuFormat
unsigned int  depth
CUeglColorFormat eglColorFormat
CUeglFrameType frameType
unsigned int  height
unsigned int  numChannels
CUarray pArray[MAX_PLANES]
void [MAX_PLANES] * pPitch
unsigned int  pitch
unsigned int  planeCount
unsigned int  width


CUarray_formatCUeglFrame::cuFormat [inherited]

CUDA Array Format

unsigned int CUeglFrame::depth [inherited]

Depth of first plane

CUeglColorFormatCUeglFrame::eglColorFormat [inherited]

CUDA EGL Color Format

CUeglFrameTypeCUeglFrame::frameType [inherited]

Array or Pitch

unsigned int CUeglFrame::height [inherited]

Height of first plane

unsigned int CUeglFrame::numChannels [inherited]

Number of channels for the plane

CUarrayCUeglFrame::pArray[MAX_PLANES] [inherited]

Array of CUarray corresponding to each plane

void [MAX_PLANES] * CUeglFrame::pPitch [inherited]

Array of Pointers corresponding to each plane

unsigned int CUeglFrame::pitch [inherited]

Pitch of first plane

unsigned int CUeglFrame::planeCount [inherited]

Number of planes

unsigned int CUeglFrame::width [inherited]

Width of first plane