Configuring Storage

By default, the DGX System includes multiple SSDs in a RAID configuration (4 SSDs in the DGX-1, 8 or 16 SSDs in the DGX-2, and 3 SSDs in the DGX Station). These SSDs are intended for application caching, so NVIDIA recommends that you set up your own NFS storage for long term data storage. The following instructions describe how to mount the NFS onto the DGX System, and how to cache the NFS using the DGX SSDs for improved performance.

Make sure that you have an NFS server with one or more exports with data to be accessed by the DGX System, and that there is network access between the DGX System and the NFS server.

  1. Install the NFS packages.

    $ sudo dnf install nfs-utils
  2. Configure an NFS mount for the DGX.

    1. Edit the filesystem tables configuration.

      sudo vi /etc/fstab
    2. Add a new line for the NFS mount, using the local mount point of /mnt.

      <nfs_server>:<export_path> /mnt nfs rw,noatime,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,nolock,tcp,intr,fsc,nofail 0 0

      /mnt is used here as an example mount point.

      Consult your Network Administrator for the correct values for <nfs_server> and <export_path>.

      The nfs arguments presented here are a list of recommended values based on typical use cases. However, “fsc” must always be included as that argument specifies use of FS-Cache.

    3. Save the changes.

  3. Verify the NFS server is reachable.

    ping <nfs_server>

    Use the server IP address or the server name provided by your network administrator.

  4. Mount the NFS export.

    sudo mount /mnt

    /mnt is the example mount point used in step 1.

  5. Verify caching is enabled.

    cat /proc/fs/nfsfs/volumes

    Look for the text FSC=yes in the output. The NFS will be mounted and cached on the DGX System automatically upon subsequent reboot cycles.