Installing with Kickstart

Kickstart provides a method of automating the installation process by providing a file which contains the answers to the questions that would be asked during installation. NVIDIA provides kickstart templates for all supported platforms in the following locations:

For more information on using kickstart files with Red Hat 9, refer to the Starting Kickstart Installations chapter in Red Hat’s documentation.

In these files are tags that you must replace with your site specific information: language, keyboard, timezone, hostname, etc.

Each tag is of the form “CHANGE_YOUR_xxxx”. These tags must be replaced with your specific information.

Once you have a kickstart file customized for your installation, place that file in a location that can be accessed by NFS, FTP, HTTP, or HTTPS.

After booting from the installation medium, when the grub menu appears, press e to edit the grub entry as you normally would to add the “nomodeset” option. In addition to “nomodeset”, add an option in the format “inst.ks=<URL>”.

For example:


Lastly, after using these kickstart files – remember to reboot the system one final time to apply all settings.