Installing Docker Containers

This method applies to Docker containers hosted on the NVIDIA NGC Container Registry, and requires that you have an active NGC account.

  1. On a system with internet access, log in to the NGC Container Registry by entering the following command and credentials.



  1. Type $oauthtoken exactly as shown for the Username.

  2. This is a special username that enables API key authentication. In place of apikey, paste in the API Key text that you obtained from the NGC website.

  3. Enter the docker pull command, specifying the image registry, image repository, and tag:

  4. Verify the image is on your system using docker images.

  5. Save the Docker image as an archive.

  6. Transfer the image to the air-gapped system using removable media such as a USB flash drive.

  7. Load the NVIDIA Docker image.

docker load –i framework.tar
  1. Verify the image is on your system.

docker images