Installing the ConnectX-7 Firmware

Follow these steps to update firmware for the ConnectX®-7 InfiniBand/Ethernet PCI Express Adapter Cards using the NVIDIA Networking Firmware Downloads Page.

  1. Navigate to the NVIDIA Networking Firmware Downloads page.

  2. From the ConnectX Adapter Cards Firmware table, select version ConnectX-7 and click the InfiniBand/Ethernet network protocol.


    The Firmware for ConnectX®-7 InfiniBand page opens.

  3. At the ConnectX-7 Firmware Download Center matrix, choose the firmware version and the OPN number of the ConnectX-7 adapter card. For example,

    • Version: 28.39.1002

    • OPN: MCX75510AAS-NEA

  4. Click the corresponding PSID number, for example, MT_0000000800, to show the firmware information and documentation.

  5. Click the ConnectX7IB link to download the firmware BIN file.

    For example, fw-ConnectX7-rel-28_39_1002-MCX75510AAS-NEA_Ax-UEFI-14.32.12-FlexBoot-3.7.201.signed.bin.

  6. After downloading the correct ConnectX-7 firmware, proceed with the installation steps.

Alternatively, you can use the following methods to install the ConnectX-7 adapter card firmware: