Installing the Mellanox ConnectX-6 Firmware

MOFED version 5.1- contains NIC FW version xx.28.2006, while the latest GA version of the ConnectX-6 FW is 20.28.4000.

NVIDIA has tested RHEL 8 with the latest ConnectX-6 NIC FW, 20.28.4000. This can be downloaded directly from the Mellanox site. The ConnectX-6 adapter versions used in DGX A100/A800 are:

  • OPN MCX653105A-HDA_Ax, PSID MT_0000000223

  • OPN MCX653106A-HDA_Ax, PSID MT_0000000225

Download the latest version from the Mellanox site, and follow the instructions to burn the new FW.