Hardware Overview

DOCA SDK 2.6.0

DOCA is the software framewor k for BlueField's main hardware entities:


  • Arm cores – optimized for control-path applications, general-purpose applications and single-flow performance

    • 16 A78 Arm cores general-purpose processor

    • Coherent Mesh architecture

    • Last level cache (LLC)

    • DDR5 memory subsystem

    • Base OS and microservices

  • Accelerated programmable pipeline – optimized for high-performance packet processing applications and advanced packet handling

    • Programmable 64-128 packet processor

    • Multi-staged, highly parallelized

    • Flow-based classification and action engine

    • RDMA, crypto, time-based scheduling

  • Data-path accelerator – optimized for IO-intensive applications, high insertion rate, network flow processing, device emulation, and collective and DMA operations

    • 16 hyper-threaded cores I/O and packet processor

    • Real-time OS

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