DOCA SDK 2.6.0

DPA tools are a set of executables that enable the DPA application developer and the system administrator to manage and monitor DPA resources and to debug DPA applications.

DPACC Compiler

CLI name: dpacc

DPACC is a high-level compiler for the DPA processor. It compiles code targeted for the DPA processor into an executable and generates a DPA program.

The DPA program is a host library with interfaces encapsulating the DPA executable. This DPA program can be linked with the host application to generate a host executable where the DPA code is invoked through the FlexIO runtime API.

DPA EU Management Tool

CLI name: dpaeumgmt

This tool allows users to manage the DPA's EUs which are the basic resource of the DPA. The tool enables the resource control of EUs to optimize the usage of computation resources of the DPA. Using this tool, users may query, create, and destroy EU partitions and groups , thus ensuring proper EU allocation between devices.

FlexIO Build

CLI name: build_flexio_device.sh

The FlexIO Build tool is used to build and compile FlexIO device code into a static library.

It is designed to generate a host library that encapsulating DPA execution. This tool relies on DPACC.

DPA GDB Server Tool

CLI name: dpa-gdbserver

The DPA GDB Server tool enables debugging FlexIO DEV programs.


CLI name: dpa-ps

This tool allows users to monitor running DPA processes and threads.

DPA Statistic Tool

CLI name: dpa-statistics

This tool allows users to monitor and obtain statistics on thread execution per running DPA process and thread.

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