DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.0.4260 Release
For Test and Development only

Lane Planner
SW Release Applicability: This module is available in NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.

About This Module

The Lane Planner module allows to find a way from a start point to a target point along the lanes of an HD map. Optionally, a list of intermediate points can be provided as input, to guide the Lane Planner along a rough path obtained by a higher-level route planner.

The Lane Planner does a Dijkstra graph traversal through the map data, starting at a given start point, following lane connections and doing lane changes where possible, until a lane of the target lane set is found. The graph search is guided by a cost function that weighs:

  • travel time based on distance and speed limits
  • lane changes
  • cost reductions and penalties based on the input guide points.

General Usage

// init lane planner(...);
dwLanePlannerHandle_t lanePlanner{};
// init a lane plan container
dwLanePlanHandle_t lanePlanHandle{};
dwLanePlan_initialize(..., lanePlanHandle, lanePlanner);
// run the lane planning
dwLanePlanner_run(..., lanePlanHandle, lanePlanner);
// track current position on lane plan
// lane change
dwLanePlan_getNextLaneChange(..., lanePlanHandle);
// lane split
dwLanePlan_getNextLaneSplit(..., lanePlanHandle);
// lane merge
dwLanePlan_getNextLaneMerge(..., lanePlanHandle);

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