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HairWorks Viewer TutorialΒΆ

This process can be repeated using any of the assets in the HairWorks media folder. Note that these .apx files already have settings applied to them when importing. Only files marked by _Start. are bare files with default settings.

  1. Open the HairWorks Viewer.

  2. On the Settings tab, set scene units to centimeters. This must be set prior to opening a project.

    • Open media\Manjaladon\3dsMax\Manjaladon_3dsMax_Start.furproj

    • This already has the fbx imported with materials set up.

      For more information on importing FBX files and applying textures, please see the HairWorks Viewer Documentation.

  3. Add a HairWorks asset. Under the Hair Tab, on the Attributes Panel, press the folder icon FileOpen to load an asset.

  4. Browse to media\Manjaladon3dsMaxmanjaladon_wFur_3dsmax_Start.apx

  5. Save Project as something new.

  6. Select HairWorks Asset in asset selection list box.

  7. Edit Attributes.

  8. Save asset as.

    • To Save As, select an asset in the asset selection box and from the main menu go to File > Save Hair File As.
    • To overwrite the current asset by saving, press the save icon SaveOpen, under the asset selection listbox. This saves the asset.

This start asset, for example, when compared against the final tuned asset, performs much differently than a final tuned asset. Default settings are not very performance friendly because hair is flooded equally over the growth mesh at a high spline # multiplier.