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Playlists allows users to quickly review multiple projects in meetings or demonstrations. It cycles through a given set of .furproj files and is controlled via a gaming controller or keyboard. The user can manipulate the viewing angle, zoom, playback, HUD stats, and even control wind attributes with a game pad controller.

While in this mode, each project will loop its animation until prompted to move to the next project in the list. The hairWorks Viewer will cycle back to the first project once the entire list of projects has been exhausted.

Playlists are all loaded from the media/playlists folder.

Using Playlists

Making Playlists

Playlists are created from the settings panel.

  • Any .plist file that exists in the media/playlists folder will be loaded to the Playlists drops menu.
  • Playlists are a list of hairWorks project files, .furproj.

EditPlaylists Edit Selected Playlist Edit the name of the selected Playlist.

AddPlaylists Add Playlists Add a new Playlist which starts by launching a select name dialog.

RefreshPlaylists Refresh Playlists Reload a file texture if one is already loaded.

DeletePlaylists Delete Selected Playlist Delete the selected Playlist.

AddProject Add Project Add a new project to the selected playlist by launching a file select dialog.

RemoveProject Remove Selected Project Removes the selected project from the selected Playlist.

PlayListMoveUp Move Selected Project Up Moves the selected project file up 1 position in the selected playlist.

PlayListMoveDown Move Selected Project Down Moves the selected project file down 1 position in the selected playlist.

PlayListPlay Play Playlist Plays the selected playlist in fullscreen.