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NVIDIA HairWorks 1.2.1

NVIDIA HairWorks

NVIDIA HairWorks enables users to simulate and render high quality hair and fur. The technology originates from multiple simulation and rendering technologies previously developed by NVIDIA. Rendering and simulation is performed on hair strands providing natural authoring, as well as high quality rendering complete with subtle hair interaction and simulation.


  • Supports off-the shelf grooming tools
  • Shape & style control
  • Body to Hair & Self shadows
  • Wind interaction
  • Continuous Level of Detail
  • Real time editing in HairWorks Viewer


NVIDIA HairWorks 1.2 for DirectX12 is under active development, and is NOT AVAILABLE within this public release. The documentation on DirectX12 usage and the Sdk headers are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change. Early access to HairWorks 1.2 for DirectX12 is available to developers on request at