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Early versions of NVIDIA Nsight were only able to debug projects built in Visual C++. However, with NVIDIA Nsight 4.7, CUDA and graphics debugging are now supported for both C++ and C# projects.

If you would like to use NVIDIA Nsight to debug an application that is built in an environment other than C++ or C#, use the tutorial outlined below.

Using NVIDIA Nsight Debugging with Other Project Types
  1. In Visual Studio, create a "dummy" project by going to File > New > Project.
  2. On the node for Visual C++ templates, select Empty Project.
    Enter the name for your project and click OK.

  3. Select the project's Nsight User Properties to edit the default settings. (As an alternative, you can also go to the Project menu > Nsight User Properties.)

  4. Select Launch external program, and enter the path to the external program for the application that is to be debugged.

  5. Configure any other launch options or file synchronization settings which may be necessary for your particular debugging environment.
    (For assistance, refer to Host Basics and Synchronization.) 
  6. Click OK to save your settings.
  7. You can now begin debugging your application with NVIDIA Nsight.
    To do so, go to the Nsight menu or right-click on your project, then select the appropriate activity (Start CUDA Debugging, Start Graphics Debugging, etc.).




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