Mobile Developer Tools

NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android

NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android installs all software tools required to develop for Android.

NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android >


PerfHUD ES provides in-depth analysis of OpenGL ES applications on Tegra based devices.

PerfHUD ES >

NVIDIA System Profiler

NVIDIA System Profiler for Android is a multi-core CPU sampling profiler that provides an interactive view of captured profiling data, helping improve overall application performance.

NVIDIA System Profiler >

Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition

NVIDIA Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition is a full Android development environment that is integrated into Visual Studio.

Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition >

Tegra Graphics Debugger

NVIDIA Tegra Graphics Debugger enables graphics development, debugging, and optimization on Tegra devices for OpenGL ES applications.

Tegra Graphics Debugger >

Android Manifest Validation Tool

The Android Manifest Validator is a tool to help developers verify that APK files maintain conformance to a configurable set of rules.

Android Manifest Validation Tool >


ARM DS-5 can be used to analyze the performance of your application.

ARM DS-5 >


NVIDIA PerfKit is a software library that provides access to OpenGL driver and GPU hardware performance counters.

NVIDIA PerfKit >

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