NvEGLConfiguration Struct Reference

[E]GL config representation. More...

#include <NvGLAppContext.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NvEGLConfiguration (const NvGfxAPIVersion &_apiVer=NvGfxAPIVersionES2(), uint32_t r=8, uint32_t g=8, uint32_t b=8, uint32_t a=8, uint32_t d=24, uint32_t s=0)
 Inline all-elements constructor.

Public Attributes

NvGfxAPIVersion apiVer
 API and version.
uint32_t redBits
 red color channel depth in bits
uint32_t greenBits
 green color channel depth in bits
uint32_t blueBits
 blue color channel depth in bits
uint32_t alphaBits
 alpha color channel depth in bits
uint32_t depthBits
 depth buffer depth in bits
uint32_t stencilBits
 stencil buffer depth in bits

Detailed Description

[E]GL config representation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NvEGLConfiguration::NvEGLConfiguration ( const NvGfxAPIVersion _apiVer = NvGfxAPIVersionES2(),
uint32_t  r = 8,
uint32_t  g = 8,
uint32_t  b = 8,
uint32_t  a = 8,
uint32_t  d = 24,
uint32_t  s = 0 
) [inline]

Inline all-elements constructor.

[in] _apiVer the API and version information
[in] r the red color depth in bits
[in] g the green color depth in bits
[in] b the blue color depth in bits
[in] a the alpha color depth in bits
[in] d the depth buffer depth in bits
[in] s the stencil buffer depth in bits

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