Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
nv::boolClassClass to make uint look like bool to make GLSL packing rules happy
NvAppBaseA basic app framework, including mainloop, setup and input processing
NvBftAlignAlignment modes for text output
NvBftStyleBitFont supports 'styles' via embedded character codes and string literals
NvCameraMotionTypeCamera motion mode
NvEGLConfiguration[E]GL config representation
NvFramerateCounterSimple frame rate timer and reporter
NvGamepadClass representing the state of all gamepads
NvGamepad::NvGamepad::StateThe state of a single gamepad
NvGamepadAndroidClass representing the Android implementation of gamepads
NvGamepadXInputClass representing the XINPUT (Win32) implementation of gamepads
NvGestureEventObject packaging up all the data related to an input event by the user
NvGestureKindThese are the kinds of resulting gestures that we recognize
NvGfxAPIHigh-level Khronos API
NvGfxAPIVersionRepresentation of a graphics API and version
NvGfxAPIVersionES2Predefined object representing OpenGL ES 2.0
NvGfxAPIVersionES3Predefined object representing OpenGL ES 3.0
NvGfxAPIVersionGL4Predefined object representing OpenGL 4.0
NvGfxAPIVersionGL4_3Predefined object representing OpenGL 4.3
NvGfxAPIVersionGL4_4Predefined object representing OpenGL 4.4
NvGLAppContextOpenGL[ES] Context wrapper
NvGLModelDrawable geometric model using GL VBOs
NvGLPlatformCategoryGPU platform category (high-level)
NvGLPlatformInfoBasic, combined platform info
NvGLPlatformOSPlatform OS
NvGLSLProgramConvenience wrapper for GLSL shader programs
NvGLSLProgram::NvGLSLProgram::ShaderSourceItemRepresents a piece of shader source and the shader type Used with creation functions to pass in arrays of multiple shader source types
NvGraphicFrameShaderThis adds NvUIGraphicFrame features to the NvGraphicShader 'template'
NvGraphicShaderA helper object for managing a shader program for NvUIGraphic and subclasses
NvImageGL-based image loading, representation and handling Support loading of images from DDS files and data, including cube maps, arrays mipmap levels, formats, etc
NvInputCallbacksInput handling callback interfaces
NvInputDeviceTypeType of pointer input devices
NvInputEventClassThese are types of input devices generating pointer events
NvInputEventTypeThese are specific types of input tracked for pointing devices
NvInputTransformerAutomatic mapping of input devices to camera movements
NvKeyCross-platform keycodes
NvKeyActionTypeKey input action values
NvModelNon-rendering geometry model
NvModelPrimTypePrimitive type mask
NvMouseButtonMouse button masks
NvPlatformContextBasic platform functionality interface
NvPointerActionTypePointer input action values
NvPointerEventBasic single-point pointer event
NvPointerModifierTypePointer event key modifiers (generally mouse-only)
NvReactFlagThis enum defines bit flags for extra/other info about a particular NvUIReaction
NvSampleAppBase class for sample apps
NvSimpleFBOTexture-based framebuffers class
NvSimpleFBO::NvSimpleFBO::DescFramebuffer description class
NvSimpleFBO::NvSimpleFBO::TextureDescTexture format information class
NvStopWatchCross-platform wall-clock timer
NvTweakBarClass representing a visual 'bar' of widgets (a 'tweakbar')
NvTweakBindPair of NvTweakCmd and NvTweakVarBase that we can look up as a bound result for some user input
NvTweakCmdEnum of 'tweak' commands we can apply to a given NvTweakVar
NvTweakEnum< T >Template for objects that pair human-readable strings with their application-value counterparts
NvTweakEnumUI< T >A templated subclass of NvTweakVarUI specifically for handling one entry of an NvTweakEnum list/array passed into the tweakbar -- i.e., one button in a radio button group, or one menu item in a popup menu
NvTweakVar< T >Templated class for holding a reference to a variable of a particular datatype
NvTweakVarBaseThis is an abstract base class for indirectly referencing app variables
NvTweakVarUI< T >A templated object that links NvTweakVar of some datatype with an appropriate UI widget
NvTweakVarUIProxyBaseAn object that will help link an NvTweakVar with a proxied NvUIElement
NvUIButtonA class that implements a variety of standard interactive button widgets
NvUIButtonStateBasic button states
NvUIButtonTypeBasic button types
NvUIContainerAn object that holds and manages a group of UI elements and interactions with them
NvUIDrawStateA class that manages all draw-related state
NvUIElementThe abstract base class of the NvUI framework
NvUIFontFamilyDefault font families you may reference
NvUIGraphicA graphical element, with no interactivity
NvUIGraphicFrameA graphical frame element, representing a background and border combined
NvUIPopupEncapsulates the text/button that causes the NvUIPopupMenu to appear
NvUIPopupMenuThe NvUIPopupMenu is a specialized container class that simulates a popup menu
NvUIProxyA UI element that 'proxies' calls to another element
NvUIReactionA structure holding some 'reaction' to a given user input event
NvUIRectA class that abstracts on onscreen rectangular region
NvUISliderAn interactive ValueBar with draggable thumb, for volume, play position, etc
NvUITextA UI element that renders text strings to the view
NvUITextAlignBasic text alignment
NvUITextureAbstraction of a GL texture object, allowing for texture caching, lookup, and reuse/refcounting
NvUIValueBarA generic "value bar" element, for progress, time/length, indicators
NvUIWindowA single, top-level container that can manage all NvUIElements in the view
NvWritableFBObject representing an FBO or the main framebuffer
nv::vec2< T >Template class for 2-tuple vector