File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
NvAppBase.h [code]Application framework base class
NvAssetLoader.h [code]Cross-platform binary asset loader
NvBitFont.h [code]An OpenGL bitmap-font text rendering library Library for rendering text strings under Open GL and GL ES, using bitmap fonts alongside xml files with glyph data annotations
NvFramerateCounter.h [code]Simple mean frame rate timer
NvGamepad.h [code]Cross-platform gamepad support
NvGamepadAndroid.h [code]Android implementation of cross-platform gamepad support
NvGamepadXInput.h [code]XINPUT (Win32) implementation of cross-platform gamepad support
NvGestureEvent.h [code]Types and values for abstracting pointer/touch inputs into higher level 'gesture' motions and results
NvGfxAPI.h [code]Graphics API version representation
NvGLAppContext.h [code]Cross-platform OpenGL Context APIs and information
NvGLModel.h [code]OpenGL geometric model handing and rendering
NvGLSLProgram.h [code]GLSL shader program wrapper
NvImage.h [code]Image-handling support (loading, editing, GL textures)
NvInputTransformer.h [code]Automated input-to-camera motion mapping
NvKeyboard.h [code]Cross-platform keycode representation
NvLogs.h [code]Cross-platform application logging to file and console
NvMath.h [code]Overall math class header
NvMatrix.h [code]Basic matrix classes with math operations
NvModel.h [code]GL-compatible geometric object loader and optimizer
NvPackedColor.h [code]Simple abstraction for RGBA colors as parameters to various libraries/functions
NvPlatformContext.h [code]Platform-independent input and system context
NvPlatformGL.h [code]Platform-independent OpenGL[ES] header
NvQuaternion.h [code]Basic quaternion class with math operations
NvSampleApp.h [code]Sample app base class
NvShaderMappings.h [code]This file allows applications to use a single file to declare the uniforms in a GLSL shader AND C++ code
NvShapes.h [code]Basic shape rendering
NvSimpleFBO.h [code]OpenGL Framebuffer Object wrappers
NvStopWatch.h [code]Basic wall-clock timer
NvTweakBar.h [code]Implements a UI system for sample applications to display visual widgets for interacting with the C variables that control the application, using NvTweakVarBase to abstract access to those variables
NvTweakVar.h [code]Implements a system for indirect referencing of physical C variables from an abstracted object, by keeping a reference to a variable along with an 'action code' that can be used to connect up with NvTweakBar widgets, NvSampleApp's input mapping, or other custom code
NvUI.h [code]A cross-platform, GL/GLES-based, simple user interface widget framework
NvVector.h [code]Basic float vector support