NvMath.h File Reference

Overall math class header. More...

#include <NvFoundation.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "NvVector.h"
#include "NvMatrix.h"
#include "NvQuaternion.h"

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#define NV_PI   float(3.1415926535897932384626433832795)


typedef vec2< float > nv::vec2f
 float 2-vectors
typedef vec2< int32_t > nv::vec2i
 signed integer 2-vectors
typedef vec2< uint32_t > nv::vec2ui
 unsigned integer 2-vectors
typedef vec3< float > nv::vec3f
 float 3-vectors
typedef vec3< int32_t > nv::vec3i
 signed integer 3-vectors
typedef vec3< uint32_t > nv::vec3ui
 unsigned integer 4-vectors
typedef vec4< float > nv::vec4f
 float 4-vectors
typedef vec4< int32_t > nv::vec4i
 signed integer 4-vectors
typedef vec4< uint32_t > nv::vec4ui
 unsigned integer 4-vectors
typedef matrix4< float > nv::matrix4f
 float 4x4 matrices
typedef quaternion< float > nv::quaternionf
 float quaternions

Detailed Description

Overall math class header.