NvSimpleFBO Class Reference

Texture-based framebuffers class. More...

#include <NvSimpleFBO.h>

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struct  Desc
 Framebuffer description class. More...
struct  TextureDesc
 Texture format information class. More...

Public Member Functions

 NvSimpleFBO (const NvSimpleFBO::Desc &desc)
 Create FBO from descriptor.
void checkStatus ()

Public Attributes

GLuint colorTexture
 The color texture ID.
GLuint depthTexture
 the depth texture ID

Protected Member Functions

GLuint createColorTexture2D (const NvSimpleFBO::Desc &desc)
GLuint createDepthTexture2D (const NvSimpleFBO::Desc &desc)

Detailed Description

Texture-based framebuffers class.

Class encapsulating a color plus (optional) depth framebuffer Both renderbuffers in the framebuffer are also bound to textures

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