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A geometry object. More...

#include <PxGeometry.h>

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Public Member Functions

getType () const
 Returns the type of the geometry.

Protected Member Functions

PX_CUDA_CALLABLE PX_FORCE_INLINE PxGeometry (PxGeometryType::Enum type)

Protected Attributes

PxGeometryType::Enum mType

Detailed Description

A geometry object.

A geometry object defines the characteristics of a spatial object, but without any information about its placement in the world.

This is an abstract class. You cannot create instances directly. Create an instance of one of the derived classes instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PX_CUDA_CALLABLE PX_FORCE_INLINE PxGeometry::PxGeometry ( PxGeometryType::Enum  type  )  [inline, protected]

Member Function Documentation

PX_CUDA_CALLABLE PX_FORCE_INLINE PxGeometryType::Enum PxGeometry::getType (  )  const [inline]

Returns the type of the geometry.

The type of the object.

Referenced by PxMassProperties::PxMassProperties(), and PxGeometryHolder::storeAny().

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