NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit Product Brief (Latest Version)

The following table lists the specifications for the NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit.




Ordering Information
NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit 940-23940-0000-000
NVIDIA® CONNECTX®-7 Networking and PCIe bridge
  • 2x 100GbE QSFP
  • 2x PCIe Gen5
MCU Infineon Aurix TC397
Storage 4x SATA connectors M.2 Key M connector
Wireless M.2 Key E Connector M.2 Key B Connector Wi-Fi and BT 5G/LET
PCIe 3x PCIe Gen5:
  • x8 lanes to NVIDIA IGX Orin Module
  • x8 lanes within 16x physical connector
  • x16 lanes within 16x physical connector
From ConnectX-7
Camera Input Camera input with CSI x16
USB 1x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C connector 4x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A connectors
Ethernet 2x RJ45 (up to 1GbE) 2x QSFP28 (up to 100GbE)
DisplayPort DisplayPort 1.4a output
Headers 2x USB headers for optional connections via cable 4x COM Port 1x TPM 1x CAN 1x GPIO
Audio (AU) Line-Out Mic-In
NVIDIA IGX Orin Module
  • NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU (2x GPC | 8x TPC | 2048 NVIDIA® CUDA® core | 64 Tensor Cores | 1,185.75 MHz)
  • Arm Cortex-A78AE CPU (12x Cores | 3x CPU Clusters | 64 KB L1 I-cache + 64 KB L1 D-cache | 256 KB L2 per CPU core | 2 MB per CPU cluster | 1,995 MHz)
  • DL accelerator (2x NVDLA 2.0 Engines | 1,408 MHz)
Performance INT8 TOPS – up to 248 SPECint_rate2006 – up to 233 Projected
LPDDR5 64 GB | 256-bit | 3,200 MHz
PCIe PCIe Gen4
Storage eMMC – 64 GB eMMC 5.1 (HS400) QSPI NOR Flash – 64 MB NOR Boot flash Security Key Storage – 8 MB NOR secure Key Flash
Baseboard management controller Aspeed AST2600
Back Panel Ports
USB x1 USB3.2 GEN2 Type-C connector x4 USB3.2 GEN2 Type-A connectors
Ethernet 2x RJ45 (up to 1 GbE) 2x QSFP28 (up to 100 GbE) From BMC or Orin From ConnectX-7
DisplayPort DisplayPort 1.4a output
Audio (AU) Line out Mic In
Power Up to 145 Watt
Temperature Operating: 5°C ~ 45°C Board power off: 0°C ~ 60°C Storage: -40°C ~ 85°C
Relative humidity Operating: 8% ~ 95% Board power off: 5% ~ 95% Storage: 8% ~ 95%
Dimension (W × L × H) 243.84 × 198.98 × 31.05 mm
Weight Motherboard: 525 NVIDIA IGX Orin Module: 306 NVIDIA BMC Module: 36 Gram

Height is measured from the surface of the PCB.


Figure 1. NVIDIA IGX Orin Board Kit

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