BMC Module

The BMC Module is one of the components of the NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit. Baseboard Management Controllers (BMCs) provide a standards-based interface to system management and recovery.

The following list provides the functions and features of the BMC Module.

  • DCSCM-2 specification-compliant connector and I/O interface.

  • Console access by Ethernet.

  • Local UART comm port to IGX Module debug UART for console access to NVIDIA Orin CPU.

  • Ability to reset the IGX Module.

  • Ability to control power and report power status of the IGX Module.

  • Access control (authentication or authorization) for restricting use.

  • Ability to reprovision the IGX Module firmware.

  • Connections to all devices with updatable firmware, which allows it to update all device firmware on the motherboard including:

    • IGX Module

    • ConnectX-7

    • Safety MCU

  • Support for securely updating the BMC Module firmware.

  • Includes ERoT for BMC Module secure boot.

  • Authentication of BMC Module firmware performed by RoT.

  • Communication channel between BMC Module and Safety MCU for data sharing and safety MCU firmware updates.

  • Access to telemetry data of the system including relevant temperatures, voltages, currents, performance status, M.2 drive SMART status, and fan speeds.

  • PCIe Endpoint to IGX Module for the purposes of remote access to application software control and monitoring.


Figure 4‑1. BMC Module Front and Back

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