IGX Orin Module

IGX Orin Product Specifications (Latest Version)

The NVIDIA IGX Orin Module is one of the components provided with the NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit. The IGX Orin Module comes separate and must be installed in the motherboard. See the NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit Mechanical Design and Installation Guidelines for details on proper installation of the module and thermal solution.

The NVIDIA IGX Orin Module is a high performance, small-form factor (SFF) device. It enables modular system design by mechanically isolating integrated components from external mechanical forces, standardizing thermal and mechanical interfaces, and exposing a comprehensive set of system and peripheral interfaces at the 699-pin board-to-board connector:

  • Power Management Controller (PMC): The PMC primarily controls voltage transitions for the Orin SoC as it transitions to and from different low-power modes. It also acts as a target receiving dedicated power and clock request signals as well as wake event from dedicated GPIO, which can wake the module from a deep sleep state.

  • Power Gating: The IGX Orin Module aggressively employ power-gating (controlled by the PMC) to power-off blocks that are idle. CPU cores are on a separate power rail to allow complete removal of power and eliminate leakage. Each CPU can be power gated independently internally. Software provides context save and restore to and from DRAM.

  • Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS): Raises voltages and clock frequencies when demand requires, lowers them when less is sufficient, and removes them when none is needed. DVFS is used to change the voltage and frequencies on the following rails:

    • VDD_CPU

    • VDD_GPU

    • VDD_CV

  • Real Time Clock (RTC): The RTC Always On partition logic of the CPU Complex is not power gated. It can wake the system based on either a timer event or an external trigger (for example, key press). Wake on RTC Alarm is NOT supported on PMIC while the PMIC is in the Global Shutdown power state.

  • Boots from QSPI NOR or USB Recovery Mode for flashing

  • Storage is eMMC

  • Secure storage in Secure NOR


The IGX Orin Module has four power inputs:

  • SYS_VIN_HV (High Voltage - 7V to 20V input)

  • SYS_VIN_MV (Mid Voltage - A 5V regulated input)

  • SYS_VIN_SV (Safe Voltage - A 3.3V regulated input)

  • PMIC_BBATT (1.85V to 5.5V input) for RTC backup


Figure 3‑1. IGX Orin Module Front and Back (with TTP/Bottom Plate)


A thermal solution is required on the IGX Orin Module. See the NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit Thermal Design Application Note and NVIDIA IGX Boards Kit Mechanical Design and Installation Guidelines for more information.

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