IGX Orin Board and ConnectX-7

IGX Orin Product Specifications (Latest Version)

The high-level block diagram of the IGX Orin Board is shown in Figure 6‑1.

Instead of designing with the NVIDIA Orin SoC chip mounted directly on the board, the IGX Orin Board includes connectors for plugging in the Orin Module. The NVIDIA Orin SoC power subsystem, the major memory components, and temperature sensor are already on the IGX Module.


Figure 6-1. IGX Orin Board Block Diagram

The following list provides the function and features of the motherboard and ConnectX-7.

  • All firmware may be authenticated with a key and the key may be able to prevent it from being modified by an unauthorized entity.

  • Hardware provides runtime attestation mechanism.

  • The IGX Orin Board employs secure boot for safety MCU, BMC Module, IGX Module, and ConnectX-7 devices.

  • The IGX Orin Board provides ability to flash firmware of Orin over rear panel USB-C port.

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