IGX Orin Product Specifications (Latest Version)

The power connections are described in the following table.

Micro ATX Power Supply

Devices and Connectors Powered by Supply (Directly or through Regulators on the IGX Orin Board)

Directly Powered by Rail or Indirect

ATX_12V (8-pin Conn.) IGX Module, PCIe Switch, PCIe Slots, Fans Direct
QSFP (x2) Indirect
5V_STBY (24-pin Conn.) IGX Module, BMC Module, ENET CTLR (x2), ENET SWITCH Indirect
ATX_5V (24-pin Conn.) IGX Module, MCU, BMC Module, ENET CTLR (x2) Indirect
USB 3.0 HUB (x2), USB 3.2 Type A (x4), USB HDR (x2) Direct
ATX_3V3 (24-pin Conn.) ConnectX-7, PCIe Slots, M.2 KeyM NVMe (x2), M.2 Key E (WiFi), Camera Connector, HDMI 2 CSI Board, SATA CTLR, Audio CODEC, UART CTLR Direct
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