Release Notes

Safety Extension Package (SEP) Developer Guide

This section provides details about issues that were discovered during development and QA, but have not yet been resolved for this release.

  • Bug 4403109: Linux-SPI-SERV/Telemetry intermittently fails to respond during powerup. You will need to do aurixreset from the SMCU console to recover the system. The below failure will appear during the poweron command in SMCU, and this will be fixed in next release:


    ERROR: PLTFPWRMGR_IOHWABS: Tegra Powerup failed, Linux-SPI-SERV/Telemetry didnt respond!

  • Bug 4359333: Jetson AGX Orin Industrial fails SC7 entry in safety configurations.

  • Bug 4400970: DRAM ECC error injection works only one time in a boot cycle.

  • Bug 4439713: If a user issues SC7-entry / SC7-exit and then tries to poweroff the IGX from CCPLEX, there is a hang observed for 12 minutes during the shutdown sequence. The shutdown sequence resumes after 12 minutes. This issue is observed only if the user issued SC7-entry / SC7-exit before poweroff and only when the user issues systemctl poweroff in the CCPLEX side.

  • Bug 4446041: There is an intermittent SC7 failure due to spi-server failing to notify the client to run the systemctl suspend command. Failure logs may look like the below:


    NvShell>entersc7 Info: Executing cmd: entersc7, argc: 0, args: NvShell>INFO: MCU_PLTFPWRMGR: Start SC7 Entry Sequence INFO: MCU_PLTFPWRMGR: SC7 Entry Triggered INFO: AURIX_CCPLEX_COM: Telemetry Disable! INFO: MCU_PLTFPWRMGR: VRS11 PG Monitoring disable. INFO: NVMCU_ORINPWRCTRL: Orin SC7 Entry Start, SOC_PWR_REQ - 1 INFO: NVMCU_ORINPWRCTRL: Wait for SC7 Entry notification (20s max) ERROR: NVMCU_ORINPWRCTRL: SC7 Entry notification not received ERROR: MCU_PLTFPWRMGR: Request Orin SC7 Entry failed! Move to error state ERROR: MCU_ERRHANDLER: PltfPwrMgr : ReporterID - 0x810D ErrorCode - 0x3A

  • Bug 4093190: Please don’t use the Orin console to put the board into reboot or recovery modes. Instead, use the BMC console to do so. Otherwise, SMCU will not be able to detect the state of Orin.

  • During poweron and sc7-exit sequences, the below FPGA_PAUSE / FPGA_STOP messages appear. These can be ignored and will be fixed in the next release.


    MCU_FOH: ErrReport: ErrorCode-0x28e3 ReporterId-0xe04c Error_Attribute-0x0 Timestamp-0xe3fb5fa7 MCU_FOH: Sending message to FPGA: STOP(0x3) MCU_FOH: Need to reboot the system.. MCU_FOH: ErrReport: ErrorCode-0x9 ReporterId-0x800d Error_Attribute-0x0 Timestamp-0xe3fb64af

  • Bug 4428485: [Hope][SMCU][BaseOs]Failure false print on entersc7 should be removed. There is the below printout while entering the SC7 state:


    ERROR: MCU_PLTFPWRMGR: SC7 Entry Request failed - Preconditions not met(0xb01)

The above error can be ignored and will be fixed in the next release.

  • Bug 4428490: [Hope][SMCU][BaseOS] Tegra reset not possible error should be removed from poweron logs. The above info message may appear during poweron. This can be ignored for this release and will be fixed in the next release.

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